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Mc Norman

Mc Norman

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Added: 02/26/2014
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Name / Band Name: Mc Norman
Genres: Pop, World Music
Location: glen vista, CO South Africa

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Member Since: 02/26/14
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10

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Born to Mr. Eddy Ganja, a Ugandan music legend, Soloist and vocalist with the Afrigo band, Mc Norman real names Mutebi Norman at the age of 12 started off his music career in Afrigo band working with Joanita Kawalya and Peterson Mutebi way back in 1987.

He later joined mm disco sound, Missouri night club and worked with guyz like the late ivan matama, dj lubba style and Rhino kalemba before joining Jose chameleon and Dj bernazor as dancers and Mcs for Missouri club every Wednesday and Friday.

Mc Norman is a widely acknowledged Mc after working with Sam Amooti and paddy at Jaaja Ansinansi and working at vibration disco club alongside junior plies compious, dj Roberto, dj Henry and Lota back in the days.

He joined his brother and former Bakayimbira Dramactors actor Philip Ganja in South Africa in 1998 after briefly working at vibes sound.

Together with his brother, Norman started a music and films Production company under their father’s name “Ganja” music production to basically help upgrade talent.

The two brothers have worked with some of the top South African Kwaito artists including Arthur Mafokate, the late Zombo, Purity and Penny penny the Shangani music star.
Their Film Company has produced movies like “welcome to south Africa” which sold up to 2million copies in Uganda and 5000 copies in South Africa on the day of its release. They also produced “Buladina”, a tribute film about the life of fallen star Paul Kafero.

Mc Norman has singles like Ndiyabuza,
Sweet babe
I remember the day
Maama Africa
No body can stop reggae and many more including his album titled lovers rock which is online for a pre release .

Mc Norman was nominated for the best reggae song in 2014 by Hipipo music awards and he won the best chart artist . 2014 he has been Nominated for the best African Dancehall artist at the Afrimma music awards which is due to take place in Dalas united states.


Sample Songs
Why Mc Norman
Sweet Babe-Tell Me Why Mc Norman

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World music awards
October 4, 2014