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Added: 06/13/2018
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Put some music on here girl!!

Posted on: 16th June, 2018 13:09:22

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Name / Band Name: LazerDown
Genres: Classical, Dance Club, HipHop, Indie, Pop
Location: Springfield, MO United States

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Hello, my name is Lacey Nicole Rhine. I am a 32-year-old human being from planet Earth. Lol. In all reality I'm just a woman with a drive more powerful than any horsepower. Actually, I consider myself a powerhouse of all I encounter and use it to spread high spirits and understanding as well as awareness. I was born in a small town of Gravette, Arkansas. Raised and graduated in Springdale Northwest Arkansas. I now reside close to Springfield, Missouri. For as far back as I can remember, which was about 1990, I have vocally, musically, and choreographically indulged head first into what I call my passion. It is my destiny, my sole soul purpose of being. To bust the seams of genres kept apart and sew new ones together , to go where no artist has dared to go, with mixing drum and bass with a whole new lounge era genre. I can sing any song encountered, I can accomplish any task or goal. I can reach the stars and hang a moon in hopes of someone looking at it and feeling what I display with the sounds of my heart and soul.


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Dream night talent search missouri
Camdenton Missouri
July 20, 2018