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Kēgan Palmer

Kēgan Palmer

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Added: 07/01/2017
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Name / Band Name: Kēgan Palmer
Genres: HipHop
Location: paterson, NJ United States

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Member Since: 07/01/17
Profile Views: 282
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Likeability Rating: 7 out of 10

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Kēgan also known as K Luv's parents moved to Florida to attend college and for a better opportunity. He was born in Ft. Myers, Florida and moved to New York at a very young age. His childhood contained many learning experiences. After homework, he watched my favorite television shows and music performers. Kēgan Palmer went to elementary through High School in New York. He developed a drawing hand, singing voice, and dancing skills. K Luv began preliminary dance lessons and joined the choir in the mornings during school at age 8.He grew to study Architecture at High School of Art and Design, where we learned about buildings and floor plans. Architecture, television, and music were a part of his life and he would like to incorporate each area in my career choice. In addition, He danced and sang at the High School of Art and Design’s spring concert for two consecutive years. Kēgan choreographed some of the women and men’s routines for the show. At this school, he received a scholarship to Greenwich House Music School where he sang the Italian aria “Sebben Credele” and “Santa Fe” at the recital. I continued to learn three other songs in Italian and one aria in German. As a career goal, Kēgan plans to go to a vocal coach to work on singing the songs I learned in Opera and R&B professionally. He became a part of a fashionable dance group during High School. We would all have on the same trendy jacket and people asked if we were a singing group. The dance group traveled to Virginia to back up dance for two singers. Kēgan went to Fashion Institute of Technology and earned my Associates Degree in Interior Design. During his years of study, he worked with an actress and film producer on her film “Fetish”. It was an intriguing love story that featured Korean and American Actors .K Luv assisted a Sports Anchor Dara McIntosh for football events and scouted office spaces. He planned to study Management of Musical Enterprises with a minor in Communication Studies. The Communication Studies minor covered information on radio and television. He wanted to work with the television industry. Studying this major with a background in interior design helped me to complete my career goals by working on all my skills. He trained with a voice teacher that provided excellent instruction to singing and style. Kēgan began effective songwriting and produced studio recorded tracks such as the sizzling sensual track: “Queen”, and Gravity defying love song: “Time.” Kēgan continued to work on his music. Kēgan’s stage name changed to K Luv and the name of the album is "Tonic." The CD included the first party single “Tell me how you like it”, 360 spinned and seduced in his Ferrari Drive, Followed the traces of lipstick from the “Sex Panther” girl in fashion heels, and the eloquent French language in bridge of “Angel is my girl.”


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