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Added: 02/26/2015
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Fantastic group! I could listen to them all day. Going back to play their songs again.

Posted on: 16th September, 2015 05:29:57

Local group supporting SOS and sounding good. Good luck!

Posted on: 12th March, 2015 20:31:41

Sounds great uncle jimmy!! Showing you all off in the ville !!!

Posted on: 4th March, 2015 18:50:20

2 thumbs up

Posted on: 3rd March, 2015 12:12:40

Amazing voices and sound. Love it! You go, Jerry !

Posted on: 2nd March, 2015 04:26:17

Love the sound and the blend was awesome! Great job!

Posted on: 1st March, 2015 22:34:10

Love the sound - tones blend well together.

Posted on: 1st March, 2015 20:53:35

Absolutely first class. Keep it up.

Posted on: 1st March, 2015 18:18:44

Way to go J-MarkZ!!!

Posted on: 1st March, 2015 09:45:50

Amazing! I'm impressed! Glad you aren't letting any grass grow under your feet! Can't wait to see you on TV. Next reunion we will all be asking for your autograph! Good luck!

Posted on: 1st March, 2015 09:04:46

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Name / Band Name: J-Markz
Genres: Pop, Rhythm and Blues
Location: Sandusky, OH United States

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Member Since: 02/26/15
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
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Title: Betcha By Golly Wow
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The J-Markz is a singing group that was started by Sandusky resident, Jim Jackson. He pulled some of his friends together where they had fun practicing and performing. The J-Markz consist of : Jim Jackson, 69; Jerry Garrett, 68; Ken Wood, 66; Jake Marshall, 66 and Darlene Walk, 59. What makes this singing group different is most people don't see later life as a time to develop their creativity and ability to perform. In November 2014, The J-Markz performed at the Sandusky High School to an audience of both teenagers and senior citizens. They were a hit!


Sample Songs
There'll Come A Time J-Markz
Send For Me J-Markz
Betcha By Golly Wow J-Markz

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