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Added: 01/19/2015
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hi your voice is killing.your performance is so high that can not be described in worl—ds.great. keep it up.have a nice day.pl do some favour.listen my song dil chahey tujhe bar bar on itunes.or on google
Hi friend. .i am satish aggarwal singer.i a

Posted on: 15th March, 2017 07:46:34

Jelixa you have a beautiful powerful voice its a God given gift. I pray you go far because your voice and songs are truly amazing! :)

Posted on: 10th February, 2017 08:05:38

I love your powerful voice Jelixa
and wish u a great success in all walks of life.
Riz khan

Posted on: 24th November, 2015 07:23:43

I've liked watching you grow since I first saw your music and we have developed a mutual support relationship that I enjoy being a part of. Thanks Jelixa for your support and you will always have mine because you are real.

Posted on: 31st August, 2015 20:15:44

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Name / Band Name: Jelixa
Genres: Indie, Latin, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock
Location: watauga, TX United States

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Jelixa is a Pop/House Recording Artist Sensation, born November 6, 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, to Puerto Rican parents just like Jennifer Lopez, except J.lo was born in the Bronx. At the age of two Jelixa would dance on the coffee table and imitate the famous performer from Puerto Rico “Iris Chacon”, a very popular singer/ dancer from Puerto Rico. As she progressed to the age of four, Jelixa would grab a hairbrush, remote control etc… and start imitating other singers. That’s when the real first glimpse of her potential to someday become a dancer and singer was noticed.

At four and half years old Jelixa’s father past away, and a year later her mom moved to Texas and took Jelixa and Jelixa’s older brother along with her. But even after the death of Jelixa’s father, she would always dance to the Latin and Motown Music her mother played daily, and Jelixa would once again, as usual, be found dancing and singing to Marc Anthony, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and other artist’s songs.

While attending Watauga Middle School, Jelixa joined the Choir; it was obvious to those who heard and knew her that the love of music was in her! She was chosen by a group of girls from her school to play as “Jazmine” from the Disney Movie Alladdin, and she continued to stay in Choir all through Haltom High School as she competed in singing competitions and won medals. Jelixa is surely a sensation to watch and listen to!


Sample Songs
Cancer, I Don't Want You Here Jelixa
This Xmas Jelixa
I Like To Rock It My Way Jelixa

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