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Jason Hastie & The Alibi

Jason Hastie & The Alibi

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Added: 10/08/2015
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Name / Band Name: Jason Hastie & The Alibi
Genres: Country, Pop, Rock
Location: Calgary, AB Canada

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Member Since: 10/08/15
Profile Views: 1745
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Likeability Rating: 8 out of 10
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Canada's Jason Hastie & The Alibi are a charismatic bunch to say the least. The ladies’ man, the country boy, the mysterious one, and the sweetheart – but they’ll never tell you who is who! Each member of the band has their own individual uniqueness, but bring them together and they just click. The creativity and energy in their music speaks for itself, and they are a down-to-earth, fun bunch to be around.

The band’s upcoming album (Fall 2015) will surely match, if not succeed, the success of their last album, Turning Point, which spent time as the #1 Canadian Country Album on iTunes. The collection of songs from Turning Point range from the profoundly emotional to the light-hearted. The singles “Til She Don’t” and “Fallen Too Far” reached Top 50 status, while “She Ain’t Pretty” was the highest charting song to date, hitting #46 on the Mediabase charts in Canada.

With performances at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, the Calgary Stampede and a sold-out CD Release event in their hometown of Calgary now behind them, Jason Hastie and The Alibi will be releasing their new CD and hitting the road again this fall. Crossing Canada on their "Feels Like Home" tour, they will be stopping in and playing each of their hometowns for the first time ever. Says Jason, "We are beyond excited to play in the towns we grew up in and can't wait to meet everyone and show you all our brand new music!"

Lives change after meeting humble front-man & lead singer Jason Hastie. He might arguably be one of the brightest country music stars on the Canadian music scene; and we’re not talking strictly in a musical sense. Not only does he have a history with country music that dates back more than a decade, beginning with a Christian-based band touring throughout the US - he is also an entrepreneur, an author, and a certified accounting professional. At the very young age of 5 in hometown Birsay, Saskatchewan, Jason began his deep love of country music - drawing his inspiration from acts of kindness seen, experienced & participated in.

Ray Banman, who physically moves people with notes played on his bass guitar, grew up in a small community in Manitoba. Having gone to great lengths to develop his unique style and appreciation for music, Ray spent two years living (and working) on a sheep farm in between tours to explore the energy of country living in an attempt to develop a more genuine feel in his performances. He is always exploring life through unconventional ways, drawing in much of the world that surrounds him – as he says “There is inspiration in everything, should we take the time to see how it interacts with its environment and consider its experience of life.”

The multi-talented & self-taught lead guitarist Joel Fraser has many “notches on his belt” within the music industry. From extensive touring across Canada and the US to the honour of placing 4th worldwide in the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar competition, Joel has played upwards of 1,000 gigs. What keeps Fraser going is his life-long interest in recording and production, proven by him owning & operating his own home studio.


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Feels Like Home
Feels Like Home


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