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Hometown Tourist

Hometown Tourist

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Added: 06/13/2018
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Name / Band Name: Hometown Tourist
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Indie, Rock
Location: Springfield, MO United States

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Member Since: 06/13/18
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10

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Hometown Tourist is a quartet of musicians residing in Springfield MO. Our original music combines elements of acoustic singer-songwriter, rock, jazz, funk, indie and alternative to create an impactful and high energy sound of our own. Our songs are lyrically and melodically complex, while remaining grooveable and accessible to the mainstream ear.

The four of us are seasoned musicians who were united thru a mutual local musician friend in 2016, started jamming, and quickly developed an unprecedented synchronicity playing the unique songs originally written and performed acoustic by Todd Osbern.

Hometown Tourist has over 60+ original songs (YES...that's 5 albums worth of quality material for any major record label interested :) and is best known for our high-energy, crowd connecting, humor-infused, passionate live performances.

JIMMY ROFFMANN also has a degree in jazz studies from MSU. Every time he switches from electric guitar to sax mid-song an angel gets its wings.

TYLER BENNETT is an octopus. I'm 98% sure. At least it sounds like it when he's rocking a drum solo.

TODD OSBERN is a figment of your imagination. But you should still believe in him.

MATT STREUBER is a graduate of the jazz studies program at MSU. His basslines are used as currency in some countries.


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Todd from Hometown Tourist @ Ruby's Market Bar
Todd will rock a special solo acoustic set of tunes again at Ruby's Market Bar on Fri, June 22...5:00-7:00. No cover.
Ruby's Market Bar
June 22, 2018
Hometown Tourist @ Ebbets Field
Hometown Tourist continues to rock the back "Partio" at Ebbets Field in Springfield MO thru out the summer EVERY OTHER SUNDAY night, 6-10. No cover!
Ebbets Field
June 17, 2018