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Added: 11/17/2017
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Name / Band Name: Hidden
Genres: Jazz
Location: Longview, TX United States

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Title: Come and see me
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Hi, my name is kahlia ervin. I'm from Texas I live in a little town called Jefferson tx. I am 22 years old and I attend college at kilgore in longview tx my major is business general.When I was 3 I was involved in a fatal accident, that caused 3rd degree burns to the left side of my body. My life changed tremendously as I got older and started to attend school. I was picked on and teased which made me become a bully to other. My life was completely falling apart I felt alone and like no one cared for me anymore. Then one day my parents decided to take me to church. The first time I ever heard a mass choir sing In such unity. That's when I knew I was were I wanted to be and need to be, so I joined the choir. My pastor's son would practice with me everyday. Every Sunday I would have a Solo and do praise and worship.music became a big part of my life and a way for me too encourage myself and build my confidence. Although I'm different and the scars are still there I'm able to live with them and be happy.


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