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Dia Grover

Dia Grover

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Added: 03/09/2019
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Dia Grover has a heart of gold and his music is on point. Love his music!!

Posted on: 14th March, 2019 22:49:32

Dia Grover has a rare and unique ability to provide a soulful sound with up beat dance tunes. He is a very versatile artist that can sing love ballads as well as club dance music!

Posted on: 14th March, 2019 19:44:45

Great Artist n Great Music for all Ages !! His Music will keep u on the Dance

Posted on: 14th March, 2019 18:14:09

Great artist. Fun and exciting. The music makes you want to party and never sit still

Posted on: 14th March, 2019 17:07:19

Great artist. Fun and exciting. The music makes you want to party and never sit still

Posted on: 14th March, 2019 17:07:18

His music will keep you moving... Love it

Posted on: 14th March, 2019 16:45:38

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Name / Band Name: Dia Grover
Genres: Blues, HipHop, Inspirational, Rhythm and Blues
Location: Fayette, MS United States

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Member Since: 03/09/19
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 13

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I am Dia Grover, police officer, singer, and song writer. I am from a small town called Fayette, MS. I love writing songs and singing. I also like working with kids. As a child I was forced to sing in the gospel choir by my mom, at an early age. I didn't like it at first but eventually started loving it. I would go home and lock up in my room and sing to myself, because at the time I was to shy to lead songs in the choir. I would imitate lead singers and the preacher. As I got older, I fell in love with R&B. Prince, Micheal Jackson, and New Edition were some of my favorites. I didn't get up enough nerves to sing in front of my peers until I was 11th grade, when I had to do a talent to run for a class position. I was so nervous but as the crowd cheered me on, my confidence began to soar. I wasn't afraid to sing anymore and would perform at talent shows or anywhere I was asked to perform. When I finished school I still had that love for music and even started writing my own songs, but being from a small town I had no idea of how to get my music recorded and out to the right people. I moved to Jackson and got hooked up with a group. I was the outsider of the group because I wasn't from there and barley knew the guys I was singing with. We split up after one trip to the studio. The producer wanted us to sign with his label but the guy that formed the group told him we were not signing all because he asked me and another singer to do his part. after the group split up, I stopped writing and singing for awhile, because I felt I needed a group. I wish I knew then, what I know now. It took me over 20 years to start back writing and finally record a song. When I was younger, I dreamed of being famous, but now I just do it for the love of music and appreciate anything extra that comes with what I'm doing.


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I need you Dia Grover

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Fayette Day
Fayette, MS
June 1, 2019
Spring Fling
Monroeville, Alabama
March 23, 2019
Big Pokey Birthday Bash
Natchez City Audituriom
February 2, 2019