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Go Evolution

Go Evolution

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Added: 08/26/2020
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Name / Band Name: Go Evolution
Genres: Rock
Location: Erial, NJ United States

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Member Since: 08/26/20
Profile Views: 263
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Go Evolution is an American hard/ alternative rock band that was formed in southern N.J. in 2013.
The band was formed by singer Matt Phillips and guitarist Danny Danzi.
Their unique blend of heavy guitars and modern pop songwriting is new and refreshing!
Go Evolution`s first studio album " Milestones" was released on 9/9/2014. The first single
"I Am" is steadily gaining airplay on several internet radio stations!
Phillips is formerly of the 90`s rock band Earth To Bob, while Danzi has enjoyed a career
as a solo artist and producer.


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Cry Go Evolution

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