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George Thomas / Ya

George Thomas / Ya

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Added: 06/01/2019
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Name / Band Name: George Thomas / Ya
Genres: Rock
Location: Boston, MA United States

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Member Since: 06/01/19
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10

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Biography of George Thomas artist

George Nevada Thomas (born February 22, 1968 recording artist and songwriter. He is a songwriter and singer working with the band YA!. George Thomas also a filmmaker writes screen plays and wrote the original screen play “Werewolves” that was released as He-Man Master of the Universe. George Thomas won The Photographic Society of America, Annual Student National Award in Film also won The Orson Wells Annual Award.
Since 2005, George Thomas and Ya the band have released a string of hit singles to radio including “Only You produced with Dave Brown who played and recorded with Billy Joel, Dave Brown is one of the top guitar players and producers in the industry today. Chris Billias Musician par excellence and Recording & Production Specialist.
The sound of George Thomas, he is such a eloquent singer, his voice is candid and reflective, he has a nice settling voice that is attractive and in depth. Their music is diverse, and a distinctive blend to it is also elaborate and steady.It has a passion and a fresh and genuine touch.
For a Free Music Player to hear more of George Thomas and Ya’s work go to: GeorgeThomas.info GeorgeThomas.TV. Music is fast changing like never before The audiences today want bands to produce a more diverse music and the music industry is gearing up to accommodate this new trend in the music industry.Aware of this George Thomas and Ya are producing music with different styles of rock,
From Hip Rock to PopRock and as George Thomas likes to call it CROSSOVER ROCK.


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