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G The Don - Azou

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G The Don - Azou

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Added: 01/15/2016
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Name / Band Name: G The Don - Azou
Genres: HipHop, Rap, Rhythm and Blues, World Music
Location: Aalst, Belgium

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Member Since: 01/15/16
Profile Views: 1443
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Likeability Rating: 3 out of 10

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Fernando Da Silva, better known by the name of G The Don, was born in Luanda, Angola, on 29 August 1988... He remained there until the age of 4 years. His mother died at the age of 4. He and his family arrived in Europe in 1993-94 they have lived in different countries of Europe like in Moscow, Germany and Great Britain. To later settle in Belgium! The rapper had a rather difficult childhood. From there he began selling Narcotic to survive. The Don gets from an early age interest in hip-hop and rap culture , he also wrote his first texts at the age of 10 years ... Child prodigy of music. Most of G The Don’s numbers speak of a youth surrounded by violence and poverty in ghettos, racism, problems in society and conflicts. After he discovered hip-hop in Juvenile, he dive completely in the music. His lyrics are tinged with the street and prison world and often apology from crime, easy money. He soon began to produce some artists in the local scene. So he made his own label the A-Zou United Inc. The beginning was difficult, but with determination and ambitions they continue to climb...


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