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Emily Victoria Simpson

Emily Victoria Simpson

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Added: 06/01/2020
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dang her videos got all of us crying here in New York so beautiful and passionate

Posted on: 1st June, 2020 12:40:11

Why haven’t I seen her? so much talent

Posted on: 1st June, 2020 12:32:26

Wow so beautiful all of the songs not suprised if she don’t win

Posted on: 1st June, 2020 12:27:30

Posted on: 1st June, 2020 11:08:38

I always loved hearing Emily sing with my daughter, Haley! I was so proud when y’all won the talent show!

Posted on: 1st June, 2020 02:58:05

I used to have to get her to sing my youngest child to sleep. She is not only my best friend but my sister and I encourage her to sing her heart out you got this best friend in rooting for u.

Posted on: 1st June, 2020 02:44:37

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Name / Band Name: Emily Victoria Simpson
Genres: Inspirational, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Spiritual
Location: Summerville, GA United States

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Member Since: 05/31/20
Profile Views: 1406
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 7

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My name is Emily Simpson I’m 23. I love music I have since I was younger. I have been Struggling since my best friend passed away three months ago she was my biggest fan then dream night came back around and I just felt like it was a sign everything I do is for the love of music I want others to feel that whether it be through emotion because that’s exactly the way I sing. I want to move those. and I just felt like it was a sign from her to get up there and start doing it again so here I am doing it and thank you for the opportunities I hope you are enjoying my music


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