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Elizmi Haze

Elizmi Haze

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Added: 01/26/2017
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Name / Band Name: Elizmi Haze
Genres: Dance Club, HipHop, Pop, Rhythm and Blues
Location: sittingbourne, United Kingdom

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Title: Elizmi singing for the first time (in concert) at the Beverly Knight concert at Western Hanger Castle
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 In 2011, Elizmi Haze a UK-born singer and songwriter came back to her homeland, from living in Spain from the age of six. She had a very hard time mixing with the children in the first the school she went to back in the UK, so moved to a Performing Arts college. Her parents had made sure she kept up her English studies as well as going to an all Spanish school, made her stand out from the crowd as being different and a geek.
Elizmi loved to sing from the age of 4, and at 11 she had the opportunity to join an amateur dramatic society where she bloomed on stage performing in many productions. 
Back in the UK and writing her first song at the age of 15, Elizmi found that writing music and lyrics helped her to come to terms with being bullied in school. Elizmi then concentrated on her exams. 
Her debut single, Tallest Hill, was produced by Big Jam Studios in May 2016 who also introduced her to DeeVu Records. It debuted number 1 on the PR Top 100, in June 2016. It generated astoundingly in the Top 10 at radio stations around the world and being played numerous times on BBC Radio. “Shine” her second track with DeeVu was then released in August 2016 and was also a great success, being played by the BBC and all around the world. At this time she was also chosen to sing in the VIP arena at the Beverley Knight Concert in Kent. 
In September of 2016 Soulseekerz, A dance production team from London who remixed for the likes of Rhianna, Britney Spiers, and Byoncé. Came and asked about doing a remix for Elizmi. The team had heard the Tallest Hill and was amazed by Elizmi’s voice and wanted to remix it for the club scene. The remix came out in November 2016. 
 The track reached no 26 on iTunes preorder chart and has done amazingly well, since being on general release. It is being played in over 96 top ranking clubs in the country and played all over the world. 
Elizmi has now finished her studies at college, where she triple distinctions in all her studies, she is now concentrating on writing songs to send her own message to the world. Gigging as a cover and tribute singer she is making enough money to help pay for her music. She has some great fans and is also opening a merch shop.


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Shine Elizmi Haze
Tallest hill promo Elizmi Haze
Tallest hill promo Elizmi Haze

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