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Added: 04/11/2017
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Name / Band Name: Dynahsti
Genres: Acoustic, Christian, HipHop, Inspirational, Rhythm and Blues
Location: Dallas, TX United States

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Dynahsti is a female Christian/Neo Soul/Inspirational vocal duo group from Dallas, Texas assembled in 2006. Dynahsti was launched with original members Krystal Stepney and Ashley Stepney, who are sisters. Krystal, is a soprano with experience in opera from college and a songwriter. Ashley, is a soprano and songwriter she plays the acoustic guitar. The inspiration for the duo comes from their family. They have several family members who are singers and musicians. After many of their friends were going through sickness, abuse, and family issues they were inspired to encourage hearts through music. Their collage of musical influences include Katy Perry, Jill Scott, Hillsong, J. Moss. These influences are blended into Dynahsti’s distinctive vocal style best described as Jazzy accents with banging beats and melodies, intertwined voices and messages of love and hope.


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He did it all Dynahsti

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