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Added: 01/26/2016
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Name / Band Name: desmond
Genres: Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, World Music
Location: Bronx, NY United States

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Riding high on the recent success of his album on the Nielsen SoundScan Reggae chart, desmond is set to appear at a venue near you soon! A fresh, new, and sonorous voice, desmond debuted at number 4 on the chart with his ten-track album Happiness Is Priceless. The album became a reality with input from the amazing Dean Fraser, super talented Courick Clarke and the hit-machine, Mikey Bennett, with additional support on the New York side from powerhouses Sidney Mills and James Gately. Leading Jamaican broadcaster, Richie B, says the album is fantastic.
desmond is from Kingston, Jamaica and the first thing you will learn upon meeting him is that music is unapologetically embedded in his DNA. Little wonder that his kaleidoscope of dazzling accomplishments includes accolades for his vocal performances and as a conductor and music teacher. He also holds a doctorate in music from the University of Southern Mississippi.
From classical to reggae with gospel undertones, desmond’s eclectic style was kindled during his early years in the church. His musical journey began at the Rollington Town Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kingston. He was taken there by his adoptive parents and exposed to classical and gospel music. At the age of eight, he immediately began to enjoy the thrill of tours, opening for the Gospel Proclaimers, one of the most popular gospel groups in the 1980s.
At Kingston College, a prominent Jamaican all-boys high school with a reputation for an acclaimed music department, he made the most of participating in their world-famous KC Chapel Choir as choir member, soloist and assistant choirmaster. desmond subsequently enriched some of Jamaica's best choirs with his musical gifts, among them, the Diocesan Festival Choir, National Chorale of Jamaica and Jamaica Vocal Ensemble for which he was founder and artistic director.
But as multi-talented as desmond is, his musical tentacles extended way beyond choirs. He played lead roles in Jamaica's LTM National Pantomime, acting and singing at the famous Ward Theatre. He also did cabaret performances on Jamaica's North Coast hotel circuit at locations like Club Jamaica and the Americana (now the lavish Moon Palace). And if that wasn't enough, desmond also worked as the first administrator of the Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Ltd.
Fast forward to 2020, desmond has been studying and continuing with his work with various choirs throughout New York City and beyond for several years. But now he has made a bold, new move. His newly released uplifting album landed in stores and online just in time to lift listeners out of the depression of the coronavirus pandemic. The exciting album takes us from an easy mid-tempo to vibrant upbeats. The predominant theme is money, or the lack of it, and how our realities affect the choices we makes in life.
"I am excited about my new album which is a sizzling hybrid of roots reggae, dancehall and R & B music. I've been a full-time student for a long time, and I see this album as a release of musical creativity built up over many years", desmond revealed.
Inspired by Bob Marley and Bruno Mars, desmond is hoping that the new set will attract airplay and chart activity as he is ready to jump on the reggae tour circuit.
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Happiness Is Priceless desmond
Rise Up desmond

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Happiness Is Priceless
Happiness Is Priceless


desmond performs a 90 minute acoustic set of originals
desmond performs a 90 minute acoustic set of originals
Valu Muzik, Horsham, PA 19044
January 30, 2016