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Crystal Dennis

Crystal Dennis

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Added: 08/31/2015
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Name / Band Name: Crystal Dennis
Genres: Classical, Folk, New Age, World Music
Location: chula vista, CA United States

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Title: MoonSong
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Shy, yet assertive, imaginative, creative and slightly impulsive!" All words that have been used to describe Crystal as a person, can also be used to describe her singing. She takes big risks and as a result, leaves you knowing "what it means to be moved by the spirit".*

Crystal is a blind Celtic style singer who also injects Video Game soundtracks and themesongs into her repertoire. At the tender age of 10, Crystal noticed that her, up until then, healthy eyesight was gradually slipping away.

By the age of 13, Crystal was totally blind and has been blind for 16 (totally blind for 13) years now. Always the one to persevere, Crystal is a self taught audio engineer and has learned to mix her own music. She's also saving her money to buy a keyboard so she can learn to play piano and has already written many song lyrics that she's anxious to put to music.

While being coached in 2014, by world renown vocal coach and developer of the VocalizeU, method of speech level singing, Dave Stroud, Crystal gained confidence in her singing and began looking to perform in larger venues.

In December 2014, Crystal performed her first Songs of the Heart Celtic music concert. She's sung at smaller private events like women's clubs, singing in talent shows, senior centers, and the rotary clubs but now, Crystal is looking to broaden her talents and her career.

To date, she has done 2 song collaborations in her "Bring Me To Life" Evanescence Cover, and her "What I've Done" Linkin Park Cover which she converted and sings in a Celtic style.

Visit her website at www.crystaldennismusic.webs.com

We hope you will become a fan of Crystal's and share her story and her talent with your friends and family. She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

*Our Hometown - March 2015 issue - Michael Monaco, Editor


Sample Songs
Scarborough Fair (folk song) Crystal Dennis
The Sirens Ballad Crystal Dennis

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