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Added: 10/26/2010
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Posted on: 1st March, 2012 00:03:10

que pena no poder entendes lo que hablas ,,,me encanta tu musica !!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 27th April, 2011 16:04:41

Hello Doug, I loved your song and I really like that it's soulful and the sound is great!
I am your fan now. Keep putting these beautiful songs out. Maharris

Posted on: 16th November, 2010 15:11:44

Wonderful songs..emotion feeling lyrics,,really touched me.

The Narcissism video is special. Marina's place is so smooth. I have searched on the net and all your songs are great listening

Posted on: 16th November, 2010 13:11:06

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Name / Band Name: coomadoug
Genres: Acoustic, Country, Folk
Location: cooma, Australia

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Member Since: 10/26/10
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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I am a normal man writing songs for normal people about normal lives.


Sample Songs
The Wedding Party coomadoug
Working in the City coomadoug
over 50 coomadoug

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Sinkers Hooks and Things
Sinkers Hooks and Things


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