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Cierra McMillan

Cierra McMillan

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Added: 05/01/2018
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Name / Band Name: Cierra McMillan
Genres: Spiritual
Location: Laurinburg, NC United States

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Title: For Your Glory
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Hey you guys,
I have been singing every since I was four years all the time and nevered stop. I don;t care if I'm in someone's car, the shower or public, I'm always willing to share my gift to any and everyone. I'm blessed to in so many ways its unimaginable how I'm still standing after alll I have truly been through, I'm still standing and never ever giving on fighting for my dream to be the best professional singer I can be and I'm wanting to expand my talent to any and everyone. I have always imagined since singing at a very young age to one day sing everywhere and this burden will be lifted off my shoulders for good. The woman that inspires me and is my favorite and only singer in this world is Mrs.Fantasia Barrinio Taylor, years ago I have seen her in concert twice but never yet had an opportunity to really meet and greet with her and telll her thank you for sharing you presence on stage and thank for sharing that big voice to the world and she is such so kind and nice inside and out. She is the #1 reason why I wanted to audition and share my voice to the world because she do it so eloquently on stage and really connect to the audience with her own stories and music and everyone just be in all types of feelings while at her concert, it truly amazing. You see I think about and listening to music each and everyday all the time , it helps me to grow and blossom and mature into something really special because I always wanted to bless others because you never know what someone is going through and I promise to someone I know exactly where they are coming from beacise of my story and I got all fingers crossed and hoping and praying I make it through the the whole competition and finally a new chapter can being for me and my close family, I can't wait to get started !!


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