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Celest Reed

Celest Reed

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Added: 08/19/2019
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Amazing voice and fantastic mother. All around great gal!

Posted on: 21st August, 2019 00:37:07

Posted on: 20th August, 2019 10:28:46

Amazing voice!!!

Posted on: 19th August, 2019 23:48:45

Amazing voice

Posted on: 19th August, 2019 13:49:18

Love her voice!! Shes awesome and a great mom!

Posted on: 19th August, 2019 13:42:42

She has an awesome voice!!!

Posted on: 19th August, 2019 13:36:07

Amazing talent and an amazing person! You could not pick anyone better! I hope she gets to show the world how great she is.

Posted on: 19th August, 2019 13:30:55

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Name / Band Name: Celest Reed
Genres: Rock
Location: Wurtland, KY United States

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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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Hi guys! My name is Celest Watts (Reed) I am a mommy and a musician. I have three boys (Dax 8, Gaige 7 and Trace 6) and one bonus daughter (Kenley 7). So life is interesting at my house for sure.
I played in a band most of my life right up until I was 8 months pregnant with Dax. Dax was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old so, I took a long break from music to raise my boys and make sure that Dax got all of the care and therapy that he needed. Today, Dax is highly functioning in a regular 3rd grade classroom and I am back playing music.
I want my kids to see when you love and have a passion for something pursue it. Never stop and always dream big!!!!!


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