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Cinema For The Blind

Cinema For The Blind

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Added: 02/14/2017
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Name / Band Name: Cinema For The Blind
Genres: Indie, Pop
Location: GARLAND, TX United States

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Member Since: 02/14/17
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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Dallas-based Cinema For The Blind features the songwriting brother-sister duo, Kruz and Blaze Bramlett. Known for their unique and dynamic vocal blends, they have the versatility to offer acoustic sets for smaller venues and events, as well as high energy electric sets for larger venues. They write Pop music combined with a blend of Alternative, Dance, Rock, and R&B which culminates in a fresh, soulful and energetic sound.

Kruz and Blaze have been performing together for several years and, although still young, are already considered old pros at their craft. In addition to lead vocals, you will also find Kruz on drums (his first love), guitar (a close second) and occasionally on keys. Blaze provides pure, soulful lead and background vocals as well as playing keyboard and guitar.

Kruz and Blaze are in the studio quite a bit these days, recording new original material to add to their catalog.


Sample Songs
Outta Here Fast Cinema For The Blind
She's Forever Cinema For The Blind
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