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Bridget leigh

Bridget leigh

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Added: 02/21/2015
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Such a great voice! just love her! Goooo girl.

Posted on: 28th February, 2015 21:29:52

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Name / Band Name: Bridget leigh
Genres: Country
Location: Daytona Beach, FL United States

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Member Since: 11/12/14
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Hi, I am Bridget leigh from "World Famous Daytona Beach"! I grew up listening to country music with my family. I was born in Anaheim, California in 1996 and grew up in the state of Washington and moved to Florida a few years ago. My parents both support my musical endeavors. My dad lives in Daytona Beach and my mom is in Boca Raton. My best friend, Shannon, and I do a lot of driving to make it happen! My uncle in Nashville, Ty Thurman, and his friend and mine, Cory Young, wrote many of the songs I fell in love with and have wanted to perform since I first heard them. They are some of the best songwriters around. I hope you enjoy my version of them. We just released an album with a combination of their songs and mine. My favorite band is the Chris Hiatt Experience from Daytona Beach. I met Chris Hiatt in Daytona Beach and he allows me to sit in with the band. He is the best guitar player I have ever heard and the band is so cool. I have been SO fortunate to know all of these individuals. If I am ever blessed by the fans in this world, they will be right there with me. I have more new recordings I am releasing in my second album later this year (2014). Elena, my friend and back-up vocalist and magnificent photographer has a beautiful voice and is such a blessing to me. My producer, Jerry Hedrick, is the greatest and I pray he will be satisfied with my performances. I am posting a picture of my new electric guitar in my online store. I plan to be playing it "on the road" soon in your town. I hope my Dominican Republic fans and my friend Tony Rodriguiz like the line about down in Barahona. Thank you for playing my music on the radio at 101.9 FM in the Dominican Republic. Gracias, to my fans. Thanks to my fans in the UK too! My special thanks to Gene D'Andelet for allowing me recently to record his songs "Hard Country Yeah" and "Pirate Girl". We have some more of his material coming soon folks. Rock on country, Bridget leigh!


Sample Songs
My Dreams Bridget leigh
That's How I Got to Memphis (cover) Tom T. Hall Bridget leigh
Driveway (written by Young, Thurman & Parker) Bridget leigh

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Glass & Stone
Glass & Stone
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Bridget leigh Favorites


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