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Breathing Kansas

Breathing Kansas

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Added: 09/11/2016
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I always love sharing the stage with these guys. Absolutely great music, tight sound, and a lot of stage presence.

Posted on: 28th September, 2016 01:52:05

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Name / Band Name: Breathing Kansas
Genres: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock
Location: Toccoa, GA United States

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Member Since: 09/11/16
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In late December of 2012, the gods of rock gifted us with the creation of Breathing Kansas, a mysterious rock n’ roll power trio out of Northeast Georgia. An equal balance of hair and talent, the rockers look to influences such as Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles to refine their sound. As of 2016 they now have their debut EP “Retrograde” distributed across the globe and were recently nominated for “Best Rock Act of 2016” at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

Breathing Kansas (as shown above) is Logan Payne – drums/percussion, Daniel Leverett – bass/vocals, and Tyler Smith – vocals/guitar. With intricate, sweeping guitar solos, bombastic bass lines, elegant vocal harmonies, and a deluge of beautifully articulated drum fills, Breathing Kansas is developing into a musical powerhouse destined to reshape the music industry.


Sample Songs
War Paint Breathing Kansas
Nature's Twist Breathing Kansas
Arise Breathing Kansas

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