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Added: 06/27/2014
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Name / Band Name: BEAWULF
Genres: Pop
Location: Berlin, Germany

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Born and raised in the Black Forrest in Germany, currently living in Berlin.
Amongst many things I do write songs.

I am sick and tired, disgusted and hurt how babies and children are treated in this world today. Lame Justice Systems and a general ignorance help the offenders along to pursue their perversities. Babies and children are getting raped every second out there, sold as "Child porn" which is nothing but pure torture. Victims, often traumatised for years who finalley dare to speak don´t even have a proper support, often they loose the case again against their tormentors. It is crap out there! This will fester our future generations and will leave us with terrible damaged adults or even more suicides. Children are worth nothing. Governments have money to develop systems for a possible Mars occupation or create more weapons, but they don´t invest in this causes!!! Wake up people!!! Fight Child Trafficing. Fight Child Abuse. Now. Raise your voices for those who can´t!!! Set them free, set us free for fuck´s sake!
yours Beawulf.

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Fragile-Sting cover. BEAWULF

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