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Angel Morr

Angel Morr

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Added: 01/24/2022
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There is no words how she. Can sing she. Is so talented. She can make. You smile cry . And get rhe xhills up and down your back and a big lump in your throat as she sings you just don't know which way you want to go so you just keep on listening as she i

Posted on: 28th January, 2022 06:49:01

What a sweet, beautiful, charming young lady! An amazing talent!

Posted on: 24th January, 2022 20:35:27

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Name / Band Name: Angel Morr
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Country, HipHop, Pop
Location: Kendallville, IN United States

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Angel Morr is 11 and lives in northern Indiana she has always loved singing and has been singing since she was 2 years old.
Everyone recognized her amazing talent right away. At age 8, her Dad started her in singing and dance lessons. That year, Angel tried out for a high school play for an Orphan part in the play Annie. Out of 150+ students, Angel was selected to be one of the orphans. This play really helped with her stage presence. 2018 was just the beginning of a talent unfolding. She amazed the entire crowd singing Pink's
song A Million Dreams at 8 years old during her Miss Limberlost Pageant (part of the Miss USA organization) and even caught the eye of Miss Indiana. Angel has also won several local talent contests, including the county fair talent contest where she went on to compete at the Indiana State Fair. Although she did not win, Angel was very impressive. She has auditioned for AGT in person and online in the past. She currently performs monthly at the Sweetwater Music Academy in Fort Wayne Indiana where she takes vocal lessons. She was one of the students selected to perform at the all academy showcase performance in 2021. She performed Hallelujah. The crowds reaction ranged from her giving them Goosebumps to they thought she was much older than 10. Angel's very excited to see what journey singing will take her on & so is her family and friends.


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Angel performing live - Sia's "Unstoppable"
Spring Forward Showcase @ 8 pm
Sweetwater Academy of Music, Ft Wayne IN
March 18, 2022