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Allye Ratledge

Allye Ratledge

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Added: 10/05/2019
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Amazing voice!!! What a super cool chick!!!

Posted on: 21st May, 2019 01:40:20

beautiful voice

Posted on: 17th May, 2019 23:01:11

The best there is. Hands down, no competition. Always gives me good chills.

Posted on: 16th May, 2019 15:11:44

You are amazing! I get chills when I listen to you sing!

Posted on: 16th May, 2019 12:45:48

She's got true talent and always has! Super duper impressed with this chick.

Posted on: 15th May, 2019 23:53:29

Allye is an amazing and talented artist!!!

Posted on: 15th May, 2019 03:04:47

She’s spreads a cheerful glow. So much talent.

Posted on: 14th May, 2019 19:20:53

Her singing is just a Shazamm announcement of who she is. She holds nothing back. Amazing talent!

Posted on: 14th May, 2019 13:41:11

Allye is amazing and super talented!!

Posted on: 14th May, 2019 10:30:26

Amazing voice and person. I’ve been a fan for years!

Posted on: 14th May, 2019 03:00:57

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Allye Ratledge
Genres: Acoustic, Country, Folk, Indie, Pop
Location: Rome, GA United States

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Member Since: 05/07/19
Profile Views: 3788
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
Fans: 29

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In the beginning...

Allye’s musical career spans over twenty years. At a young age and throughout college, she studied classical piano and voice, performing in operas and musicals from various periods and styles. She has always inspired others with her barely contained energy and beautiful pitch.

Big Sky country and the ATX Chapter

After her formal education ended, Allye packed up her Bronco and her big fat cat and headed out west to teach Montana’s next generation of musical hopefuls how to sing, march, play music and be awesome. This took one year. After conquering that frontier, Allye headed down to Austin, Texas (Hook ‘Em, ya’ll) and for several years brought her smoke-and-brandy stylings to bear on the live music scene that is so particularly rich and vibrant down there. During this phase, she sang lead vocals for The Pacers, one of Austin’s favorite party bands of the last decade—specializing in rock and Motown covers. The last couple of years in Austin Allye grew more experimental, performing as the lead vocals in a blues/jazz trio at smaller venues all around the city, developing her own improvisational style and creative sound. One local writer called her voice like “warm caramel on cool glass.”

Bluestone and the Farey boys

The next big move landed her in the Pacific Northwest—where she was soon performing all over the region, from Portland and Seattle to Walla Walla and Coeur d'Alene. Touring with Bluestone, Allye hit her stride—playing over 100 live shows and festivals in one year. There was much rejoicing. Bluestone consisted of John Farey (John Farey Group, Zero, Soundhole and Sly and the Family Stone) as well as his son, Joe Farey (Layovr - formerly The Fire Department). Together, they were able to release an album before Life saw fit to call Allye to move again—this time back east to Ohio.

The A.R.T.

In Ohio, Allye teamed up with Scott Kitchen and Mark Hendershot to form the Allye Ratledge Trio. They took popular and familiar songs, breaking them down into an acoustic style with their own fun twists and surprises. The Allye Ratledge Trio was a fun project for all to enjoy.

The Babes

Life also decided there needed to be two more Superstars under Allye’s wing. Her two daughters (7 years old and 6 years old) were born back to back and are beautiful and absolutely perfect.

Inspirations and mad respect

Allye counts her girls among some of her greatest inspirations—along with Dolly Parton, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Beyonce, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Tom Waits, Georgia Middleman, Gary Burr, Kimbra, Adele, Linda Ronstadt, Renee Fleming, The Staves, John Farey, Laurice Lanier, Craig Terry, Jane Monheit and the Indigo Girls of course. Also, my parents and husband (former Marine!) are pretty rad too.


Sample Songs
Allye Ratledge Demo Allye Ratledge

Album List

Love Is An Army / Angel
Love Is An Army  / Angel


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