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Aaron Napier

Aaron Napier

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Added: 06/18/2018
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Name / Band Name: Aaron Napier
Genres: Country
Location: Forsyth, MO United States

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Aaron Napier was born on February 3, 1981 to Timothy and Deborah Napier. The oldest of three brothers, Aaron took an early interest in music. He was influenced by his father, Tim’s local cover band, where he was introduced to Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, and many others. At only 6 years old, the band would often invite Aaron to sing his favorite song with the band, “Sweet Child of Mine”, as they were amused by his early ability to stay in time and in pitch with the song. When Aaron was 9, his family moved to Missouri, where they would live in a larger, more private lot of land. The boys, would grow up learning to hunt and fish and develop a love for the country. At age 14, Aaron received his first electric guitar from his parents as a Christmas present. He would spend the next 4 years learning to play along with a Lynyrd Skynyrd tape that his father gave him. When he turned 18, Aaron and his family formed a Christian band and called themselves, “Newlight.” Writing their own songs, the band would see some moderate local success, as me they quickly became booked on weekend dates for two years across the state of Missouri. Aaron attended college at College of the Ozarks, near Branson, Missouri, but continued to come home on the weekends, as the band booked more and more shows. By the time Aaron was 22, he felt that it was time to branch out more with his music, and he created a group of college friends and named the band Houston Road. This new band would write and perform songs with more of a rock flavor than he had done before. The guys in Houston Road, played college and high school venues, until they caught the ear of the Inspiration Network in North Carolina. INSP was launching a new show in 2007 that they called Christian Artist Talent Search. The show would feature 33 artist from across the nation, and record them live in an effort to sign them to Whiplash Records. Aaron had been recently married to his wife, Jennifer, and had a five month old son, Michael. Although, the band did not win the competition, they were seen by over 22 million viewers and calls came in from states across the country interested in their music. Unfortunately, due to the disappointment of the television show, the members of the band disbanded of the idea that it was time to start their own families and take a break. Shortly after, Aaron began to play exclusively with his church praise band in Branson, Missouri. He would spend the next ten years, developing a new style of playing and building a relationship with the Branson musicians. An opportunity came for him to travel to Nashville in 2012 with his good friend, Allen Asbury, who is a national Christian recording artist. Allen was finishing his newest project, “Let it all be Yours”, and had invited Aaron to sing on a few of the songs at Rascall Flats studio called “The Grip,” which resides in Jay DeMarcus’ home in Nasville, Tennessee. Aaron would go on, two years later to perform live with X-Factor Finalist, Vino Alan in a benefit for children with Autism. In 2016, Aaron felt that the time was right to begin a new songwriting process and a new style of music for himself. After seeing The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in concert, Aaron began to write songs that infused bluegrass with country and southern rock n roll. Working with long time friend and engineer, Greg Roller, they spend 10 months developing Aarons debut album titled, “Your Kind of Love.” Upon releasing a single titled, “Paisley”, the Springfield radio station, 101.3 the Outlaw began playing the song after they introduced it on a show called Hold Em Or Fold Em. The song had an overwhelming positive response and the station kept the song in their database, and played it in rotation from time to time. “Your Kind of Love”, is a 7 song project, that is filled with original songs that involve real life. It is sure to touch many hearts and minds, as its listeners can relate by their own personal stories.


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Living On Memories Aaron Napier

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Your Kind of Love
Your Kind of Love


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